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Torres Farm Labor Contractor, Inc. has a team to support the success of our clients and the well being of the employees. We strive to provide knowledge and safe work environment to all of our employees.

Field & Operation Supervisors

Our field and operation supervisors have a combined work experience of over 80 years in the agricultural industry. At every worksite, our supervisors ensure that proper safety equipment, portable facilities, canopies, and access to clean drinking water are supplied for the safety and comfort of our employees. They work among the growers to ensure all requirements are being made and met on a daily basis.

Safety Department

We have a safety department that is on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week to assist employees with any medical attention needs. Our supervisors are trained to properly document and report every incident, as well as following up on the well-being of the employee.

To maintain safety and loss control, we have a designated person who ensures that our employees have the proper knowledge in safety and overall health to minimize injury in the worksite.

Safety & Loss Control Manager
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